is Los Angeles meets Inland Empire music project based in Pomona, CA. GLIFOS is influenced by heavy afro-funk, Afrobeat, LatinSoul, and a blend of funkdafied Black Jazz, from the 1970’s. GLIFOS’ high energy and political flavors will take you back to an era, where not by choice but for the sake of prosecution, needed to remain underground. After afrobeat started to surface in Los Angeles, GLIFOS went with Vodou (voodoo) funk as a genre. Since Vodou is a ritualistic faith system, which involves ceremonies that consist of singing, drumming community and dancing, GLIFOS felt the project connected the same musically, spiritually, and brotherly. The result brought the audience a unique style of funk fairly new in the L.A music scene.

What does GliFoS mean?

Noun. glifo m (plural glifi) (architecture) An ornament consisting of a hollow. A figure carved in relief or incised, especially representing a sound, word, or idea; glyph.

What is afrofunk vs. afrobeat?

Afro-funk consists of a Funk style strongly mixed with traditional and more modern genres in Sub-Saharan West Africa. It features lots of traditional African percussion, heavy syncopation, and the classic funk groove.

In contrast with Afrobeat, Afro-Funk is not heavily jazz-influenced, often lacking the brass sections, long horn solos, and improvisational elements of Afrobeat.


  • Manuel Gomez                           DRUM
  • Roberto Shavez                      Keys / Synth
  • Navia (Venom) Alejandro       Guitar
  • Tanvir Singh Bajwa                  Guitar
  • Cheyenne Dunbar                    VOCALS
  • Maxwell Myrick                         Bass
  • Rick Rodriguez           RIP       CONGAS
  • Anthony Sanchez                    CONGAS
  • Denise Dominguez                 TRUMPET
  • Brandon Lobo                        BARITONE
  • Stephen Layton                      TROMBONE
  • Anthony Ramirez                     TENOR
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